Thursday, 29 December 2011

I have always loved New Year's. When I was younger it was the one day a year where I would get to stay up past midnight, which was exciting. (Staying up past midnight has become a more frequent thing for me to do these days.) But one thing that I love about New Year's now is dressing up a bit and bringing out the glitter, even if I end up just having a relaxed evening at home with my family. When looking through some of my old Polyvore outfits, I found this one and I thought it would be great for New Year's. It's a bit different from the standard sparkly cocktail dresses that everybody tends to wear, which is fun because it stands out. It also mixes a few textures - the sequin top with a leather skirt and lace clutch - which makes the look interesting.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Two things that I have been really into lately are shoes and online shopping. So I guess you could say that I have been shopping for shoes online a lot lately. One pair of shoes that I am slowly becoming obsessed with are the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. Honestly, when I first saw them I didn't really like them but over time they have grown on me. They also come in a ridiculous (and by ridiculous I mean fabulous) amount of different colours and patterns, so there's a style for everybody. If money grew on trees, I would buy these (rhyme not intended - but completely acceptable):

New Year's? Yes please!

This pattern really intrigues me. It's really weird. In an awesome way.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Clearasil Acne Treatment Cream

One thing that I have been struggling with over the past several months is my oily, acne-prone skin. Around April I started breaking out a lot, which was because of the skincare products I was using at the time but even after I stopped using those products my skin hasn’t fully gone back to how it used to be. One product that has been really helping get rid of any breakouts is the Clearasil Acne Treatment Cream. I use this spot treatment twice a day any time I break out, after applying moisturizer and it helps dry out pimples within 1 or 2 days. It contains sulphur, which dries out blackheads and whiteheads very effectively. I’m not sure if it works for cystic acne because I don’t get any. The only problem is the sulphur can also dry out the skin around the pimple too, so this product has to be used in small amounts and you have to be careful to not spread it around your skin too much. Overall, I think this is a good product for less severe breakouts.

Friday, 16 December 2011

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas

The last day of school before the holidays is OVER and the first thing I did when I came home with my new freedom was...decorate my house! I was initially only planning to assemble (it's fake) and decorate my Christmas tree but after 2 hours I was in full decorating mode. So, the natural thing to do would be to put up christmas lights all over my house. They are so gorgeous I might just sit around in the dark for the rest of the night. Feel free to question my sanity.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nothing better than cold December days

Shirt: Smart Set  Scarf: A gift from a looong time ago  Jeans: American Eagle  Boots: Call it Spring

A cameo appearance by my dog, who kept trying to jump in every shot. And jump on me. Oh, it was fun. :)
 I don't know what possessed me to go take pictures outside when it was about 5 degrees (way too cold to not be wearing a jacket outside). I went inside when my hands started turning purple. So here's my outfit for the VERY FIRST day of December. Yeah, it's December and I decided to wear a floral least it's in fall colours right?

 xo, Caitlin

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'm loving...wedge booties

Anybody who talks about fashion enough with me will know that I am obsessed with wedges. (Simran would know.) So, this fall and winter, I have been loving wedge booties, especially lace-up ones. There are so many different styles and since they are wedges, they are pretty easy and comfortable to walk in, which is good for people like me who do a lot of walking. They are also really versatile - they can be worn with pretty much anything. Here are some that caught my eye.

xo, Caitlin

Saturday, 19 November 2011

It all starts with a deep, relaxing sleep. That’s the fun part. Sadly, that part doesn’t last very long because suddenly…you jolt awake and realize you have exactly 10 minutes to leave for school/work/an appointment. This has happened to everybody before at some point in their lives, and it happens to some people more than others. (It happens to me a lot). And a problem that goes along with this morning rush is figuring out something cute to wear, because throwing on jeans and a random t-shirt probably doesn’t look as put-together as you would like. are a few outfits that will fool everyone. They can be thrown on in a couple minutes, but they look a bit more planned than that.

Outfit #1: T-shirt and a scarf. Adding a scarf is a classic way to make an outfit look more put-together, and it keeps you warm.

Outfit #2: Add a blazer. Blaze it up. Ok, let's just pretend I didn't say that.
 The second outfit would probably overkill for school but it would work for work. (Haha :P)

Outfit #3: A dress. Dresses are great for this because they're like a whole outfit attached - you don't have to worry about picking the right pants/skirt to go with your top. Tip: If you pick a patterned dress or one with lots of detailing you can get away with little or no jewelry, which saves more time. Wear tights and a sweater for the fall or winter.

Outfit #4: A cardigan over a tank top. 2 basic pieces put together.

XO, Caitlin
Ps. Please excuse any stupid faces in the photos.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Little More About Us

To give a little background info about us...
Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, and Betsey Johnson are our top 3 designers.

We love to shop at Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and any cute boutiques.

Our style icons include Penelope Cruz, Selena Gomez, Alexa Chung, and the Olsen twins.

p.s. now we're starting for real.

First Post!

Our names are Simran and Caitlin, and Restless Style is the beginning of a revolution!

Kidding, we're just teenagers starting our first blog to show what we think of fashion (which is a bit of an obsession).

So here we go...