Friday, 16 March 2012

Black shoes? What are those?

Even though it is nowhere close to being warm/dry/spring-y enough here in Canada to wear these shoes, I am excited about all the fun shoe styles coming out this spring. This season's shoes are full of bright colours, cool patterns and interesting details. It's like candy land for your feet.

Find them here!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Animal Prints

Not quite the same as the animal prints we are used to seeing by now. Animal prints, particularly cheetah/leopard (I still don't know the difference) have been a huge trend for a while. This spring, however we are seeing a new type of animal patterns. These prints are adorable and just as fun as the bold leopard print.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Awkward Sleeves

Today I am just doing a quick outfit post of an outfit I have been wearing a lot lately. Most of the reason for that is because it has been cold and snowy lately and this sweater is really warm and cute. Unfortunately I cannot tell you where it is from because it is really old.  The thing that confuses me about this sweater is the sleeves that hit about 1.5 inches above my wrist (I usually wear it with the sleeves rolled up) but maybe the sleeves were just cropped to go with the cropped length of the sweater. I have been having some fun thinking of different ways to style this sweater, which I may or may not post depending on how it turns out.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

I'm loving...striped satchel

If there's one bag I've been seeing a lot of lately, it's the striped satchel. This preppy, versatile bag is great for a day around town. The blue and white stripes look classic and cute with a pair of ballet flats and the chevron bag paired with black moto boots gives a fun, edgier vibe. 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Celebrities Designing Clothes...

I find it ridiculous when children use their parent’s name to get into the fashion world. It is quite evident that they aren’t as talented as they claim to be, and there are people that are way more skilled that don’t get as much recognition.

A perfect example is Stella McCartney, did I mention her dad was in The Beatles. It’s impossible for her to do anything without having her father help promote it. She uses her daddy’s connections to launch her collections and with his help she will be designing the clothes for the 2012 Olympics. Her name alone annoys me and I am not looking forward to this event.
Another example is Madonna and her daughter. They have recently launched a brand called Material Girl and if I do say so myself Madonna should stick to singing and singing alone. If it wasn’t for Madonna’s name this brand wouldn’t even be lucky to see the light of day. Material Girl is available at The Bay.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Looking forward to...

Happy 2012! This year we are ringing in the new year with exciting designer collaborations to run to the mall for and try to grab everything that's in your size. These two made me extremely excited when I heard about them and the previews do not disappoint. And, if you didn't already find something to spend your Christmas money on... 

Jason Wu for Target: February 5, 2012
I love Jason Wu but his designs are pretty far out of my price range. But his collection for Target won't be. This feminine, 50's inspired collection is definitely something to look forward to.

Marni for H&M: March 8, 2012
H&M's next big designer collaboration following Versace is Marni for H&M. This collection looks to be colourful and fun, which is right up my alley.